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No assurance can be offered for the accuracy, completeness, or relevance of the material presented on these pages. If a mistake or error is discovered, the website’s operator will try to fix it. Furthermore, the website in issue and its information are not guaranteed to be accessible or operational at any given time. All liability for direct, indirect, or other damages originating from the use or non-availability of this website and its material is consequently excluded.

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Privacy Policy

General information

We only use your data in compliance with the GDPR, the BDSG, and the TMG as the legal basis for processing. Following Art. 4 Z 7 DSGVO, FirmenABC Marketing GmbH is liable. If you have any questions or concerns about how we handle your personal information, please contact us at any time.

A business directory, as well as numerous recommendation engines, make use of the collected data.

A person’s data will be permanently erased when the purpose for which they were collected has been fulfilled, provided that this does not contradict the statutory retention time for such data.

The legal foundation for the processing of personal data

Art. 6 Para. 1 Lit a GDPR and our legitimate interest in accordance with Lit f GDPR allow us to disclose personal information based on contracts or with the approval of directory participants. We aim to provide the best possible service to our customers by providing the most thorough information available. We make it possible for our business partners to explain their offerings in depth.

As a result, we collect and use personal information in the form of the name, address, telephone number, website and email address, moving pictures, logos, and free text. The contact form and social plug-ins described below also collect visitors’ personal information.

Types of Beneficiaries

Users of directories and recommendation services can access their personal data. Both consumers and business owners are included in this group. To respond to your inquiry, the person who receives your message will have access to the information you supply in the contact form. At the very least, the suppliers of the social plug-ins.

The data’s original point of origin

The data originates from MailCom GmbH, as well as from the contractual partners and maybe the relevant users who have released their own data.

User Liability

This website’s operator must be held responsible and indemnified under the Data Protection Act because all users adhere to this regulation. 

Third parties may not send unsolicited advertising or information using the contact information given as part of the imprint obligation. In the event of unwanted advertising, such as spam mailings, the website operator expressly maintains the right to take legal action. 

It is not essential to enter any personal information such as name, address, or email address to use this website. This information is only collected and stored by us if and to the extent that you freely provide it to us (e.g. when registering for a newsletter).

The information you supply when contacting us via our website’s contact form or email is retained for three months by our technical service provider and us to respond to your inquiry and any follow-up queries. This information will not be shared with anyone else. Article 6 Para. 1 lit a GDPR provides the legal basis for personal processing data provided the user has given their consent. Contrary to Art. 6 Paragraph 1 lit. f GDPR, sending an email does not constitute the transmission of personal data. Email correspondence that is based on an agreement is covered by Article 6 Para. 1 Lit b of the DSGVO.


For the length of the application procedure, your personal data will be retained and then destroyed. 

Participation in the application procedure necessitates the processing of personal data. As long as you’ve provided your permission, we can continue to use your information in these ways for another six months. 

It will then be permanently erased from your system. Article 6 Paragraph 1 Lit a GDPR is the legal basis for processing in this scenario. Send an email to to cancel your permission for the data’s use at any time. Upon your explicit request, the data will be destroyed.

Which of the server log files are available

following their overwhelming legitimate interest(technical security measures), this website stores and processes the following personal data in a server log file:

There are several ways to get information on your visitors, such as the URL they came from, the time they spent on the site, the amount of data they submitted, and the type of browser they used.

To conduct statistical analyses and enhance the website, we gather data. However, if there are any signs of illegal usage, the website operator has the right to inspect the server log files in the following days.

Topping it all off, cookies. In our company, FirmenABC Marketing GmbH, cookies are used to provide personalized content. See the Privacy Policy for more details.

Cookies are text files that websites save on a user’s computer to improve the user’s experience.

Because this site requires cookies to function, we are permitted by law to keep them on your device.

Cookies of many kinds are used on this site. Third-party advertisements on our sites may also set cookies on your computer.

On our website, you may amend or remove your permission to the cookie declaration under data protection.

Marketing Statistics Preferences Data

A map service provided by Google, Inc.

Using Google MapsTM as a map service is subject to the Google Maps Terms of Service and the Google Services Terms of Service. We would want to clarify that the maps cannot be avoided and are not flawed because they only depict an approximation of the real world. Users’ “do not track defaults” are automatically considered when a map is shown; therefore, it will not be seen if that setting is active. 

Google Analytics

Without cookies, we use Google Analytics in a privacy-friendly manner. We have no access to your IP address as personal information. Regardless, Google Analytics does not provide us with demographic information or user interests. Google Analytics can’t be used for remarketing.

Despite this, you can deactivate Google Analytics on this site by clicking the following link: Google Analytics has been disabled. Deactivating Google Analytics on all websites may also be done by downloading and installing the following plug-in in your browser. tout?hl=de is an excellent place to start.

Analytics is a service supplied by Google Inc., 1600 Amphitheater Parkway Mountain View, CA 94043, USA, which provides a web analytics service (“Google”). We have signed a contract with Google for data processing. 

During your visit to our website, your browser connects to Google servers and sends data to U.S.-based servers.

For more information on Google Analytics’ data handling practices, see the company’s privacy statement ( and the response to a frequently asked question about the service (

Google Ireland Limited, situated in Gordon House, Barrow Street, Dublin 4, Ireland, provides the receipt-CHA service for our contact forms (“Google”). 

The query is used to determine if the input was made by a human or an automated, machine-based procedure. Google’s reCAPTCHA service necessitates the transmission of the user’s IP address and other data. The information you provide will be sent to Google and processed per these guidelines. With this information, Google can digitize and update services like Google Street View or Google Maps, among other things.

For more information about Google’s differing privacy policies, see

Fonts from Google’s Fonts

This website may use “Google Fonts,” which are external fonts. The technical service provider’s (ABC’s) server, where the web fonts are kept, is accessed via a server call to complete the integration.


You may watch film reports from YouTube using iFrame embedding directly on our website. A film review may be accessed by clicking on the link.

In compliance with Art. 6 Para. 1 Lit. a GDPR, grant your permission. While watching a video, your personal information can be collected by Google Ireland Limited at Gordon House in Barrow Street in Dublin 4, Ireland, while it is being played again. Neither we nor any third parties use or keep any of the above information. Your permission is effective until you leave the website in question and it is not stored.

The following is Google’s official privacy and data security statement:

Ads double-click

To display ads that are relevant to you, DoubleClick ( employs technology to make your visit comfortable.

Google Ireland Limited provides DoubleClick for Ireland at Gordon House, Barrow St Dublin 4, Ireland. Please click the opt-out link below if you no longer wish for DoubleClick to gather anonymized information. This opt-out cookie removes previously saved data and prevents it from being collected in the future.

Protection of Data

The data maintained by the service provider is protected from accidental or purposeful alteration, loss, destruction, or unauthorized access by the person in charge.


You can object to the usage and processing of your personal data at any time by sending an informal email to When you object to the use of your personal data or the objective of the data collection has been met, your personal data will be erased. Official or contractual storage requirements, on the other hand, are not altered.

Once the retention term expires, your data will be blocked and immediately erased if such responsibilities exist.

By changing the settings on your browser, cookies can be disabled at any moment. Your browser’s help pages should include instructions on how to achieve this.

The following are the guidelines provided by the most common web browser developers:

Information about the law

Information, correction, deletion, restriction, transfer, revocation and objection are among the rights afforded to people who are impacted in principle. We will, of course, update any inaccurate information we have on you. The data protection authority can be approached if you believe that the processing of your data breaches data protection legislation or that your data protection rights have been breached.

You have the right to know if and to what extent we use your personal information.

The right to be corrected: Your right to have erroneous or incomplete personal information on you corrected at any time.

In cases where the processing or publishing of your personal data interferes excessively with your legitimate interests in data protection, you have the right to seek its deletion. Remember that there may be reasons to prohibit data erasure right away, such as legal restrictions for data retention.

A restriction of data use is also possible if you object to or dispute the accuracy of the data if the data is no longer needed for its intended purpose. Still, you need it to assert or defend a legal claim, or if we no longer need the data for its intended purpose, but you still need it to assert or defend a legal claim, or if we object to or dispute the validity of the information.

We can supply you with a structured, frequently used, and machine-readable copy of the personal data you’ve given us for storage as long as we do so with your explicit consent or to fulfil a contract between us and the processing is carried out using automated methods.

For public interest grounds, you can object to our use of your personal information, exercise public authority, or defend our legitimate interests, provided that there is an overriding interest in protecting your data. Advertising can be stopped at any moment, with or without explanation.

Right of appeal: If you feel that we are processing your data in a way that violates data protection legislation, please contact us so that we can address your concerns. Of course, the option of lodging a complaint with the European Data Protection Supervisory Authority (EDPSA).

To make a claim against us, please utilize one of the methods provided on this page.

We may ask for further information if we are unsure about your identification. Your rights and privacy are safeguarded by this measure.

Due to excessive rights claims, we may require an appropriate processing charge or refuse to execute your application if you exercise one of the stated rights for apparent reasons.