Driving Without Insurance – What The Law Says?

One of the most common violations of the traffic law is driving without insurance, which is still the case today.

For motor vehicles to be allowed to pass about, art. 193 stipulates that third-party civil liability insurance must be purchased (the so-called TPL-auto or even TPL).

Over 2.6 million drivers are affected by this offense since there are about 2.6 million uninsured vehicles on the road.

It’s important to know what you’re up against if you’re caught driving without insurance, since a hefty fine might be one of them.

But don’t worry.

It’s something we’ll cover in further detail below.

Driving Without Insurance – What The Law Says?

There are two situations in which an uninsured motorist’s penalties can be increased: if the driver does not have third-party liability insurance; if the policy has expired and has not been renewed within 15 days of its expiration; or (the 15 days are in fact considered the grace period granted by the law during which you can circulate without risk of being fined).

In Italy, a fine of 866 to 3,464 euros can be levied on those who do not have travel insurance.

It’s an infraction of company policy, not a criminal one.

However, the fine is halved if the insurance is renewed within 15 days of its expiration date or

if the person responsible destroys the vehicle and completes the radiation paperwork within 30 days.

It is also illegal to drive without insurance, and the car is seized.

Because of this, the vehicle must be removed from circulation immediately and put in a location that is not accessible to the general public.

Without insurance, how do you reclaim your impounded vehicle?

Payment of fine and insurance premium for at least six months and a guarantee of payment of the vehicle’s costs by the interested party are sufficient conditions for police authorities to order its return to its rightful owner, who is then notified in writing of their decision.

For those who don’t request a reduction in the amount due or an extension of time to file an appeal, an investigative report is sent to the prefect and the car is taken.

When a vehicle is declared seized by the government, it no longer belongs to the owner and is given over to them.

What are the dangers of buying fake insurance?

If a motorist is found to be driving a car without proper insurance coverage, the vehicle will be seized by the authorities.

Anyone found in possession of fake or forged insurance documentation faces an extra administrative penalty of a one-year license suspension.

Is it safe to drive without insurance?

Comparing data from speed and access control cameras at the LTZ with data from insurance plans may also be used to determine whether or not there is adequate insurance coverage.

Photographs taken with the above-mentioned gear are used to create an evaluation document.

A police officer may ask a car’s owner or another party jointly and severally liable to present proof of insurance if a comparison of the data shows that the vehicle did not have the appropriate coverage at the time of discovery.

As a result, individuals who do not comply with the invitation will face a fine of up to 1,731 euros, in addition to the penalty for those who do not have insurance.

Getting behind the wheel without insurance?

Anyone who commits the offense of operating a car without insurance coverage twice in the span of two years is subject to a twofold fine of $6,928 and a suspension of their driving license.

Even if the payment is completed at a lower rate and the insurance premium is paid for at least six months, the vehicle subject to seizure will not be immediately restored but will be subject to an extra administrative fine as an additional accessory.

45 days in administrative detention, beginning the day after the fine was paid. Because of this, the restoration of the car is contingent on the payment of any fees spent in the seizure and subsequent detention of the vehicle, but only if the transgressor owns the vehicle in question.

Drive a vehicle with adequate insurance to cover you in the case of an accident that results in injury or death.

Road accident victims who are uninsured drivers are still entitled to reimbursement from the uninsured driver’s insurance company.

Except for the fact that the Road Victims Guarantee Fund must receive the application.

Some courts hold that even if a driver is not at fault in a traffic accident, he or she may still be entitled to compensation from the Guarantee Fund.

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