About Us

Sipem.org is an expert platform for groups of advisors in law, taxation, investments, and real estate in the form of a personal profile.

Readers will benefit from an added service, while consultants will benefit from having access to a specific group of readers. Your internet reputation may be bolstered in this manner, which can help you gain new consumers.

What do we need to accomplish?
We make it simple to get legal help.

What’s the best way to go about it?
People who need legal guidance can get in touch with us.

All legal problems may be answered at sipem.org, where you can locate the proper lawyer for any issue from a wide range of profiles of lawyers and law firms, as well as flexible ways to get in touch.

There are also daily legal suggestions published by our sipem.org editorial staff and the collaborating lawyers. It is essential for attorneys to use sipem.org as a tool for web marketing.

Securing qualifying demand and mandates through a sipem.org profile is good for your business. A lawyer or law company can engage in sipem.org network for free and optionally participate in evaluations, post legal advice, and use the appointment replacement feature.

It is an excellent introduction to legal technology.

All of this is available for a cheap, monthly fixed charge, plus there are currently available deals to help you save even more.

When a legal firm has two or more lawyer profiles, a detailed firm profile is automatically included at no additional charge!

Participation in the rating system, publication of legal suggestions, and use of the appointment replacement feature in the sipem.org network is optional and free of charge for lawyers and law firms.

There you have it—the ideal primer on legal technology.

Moreover, all of this is available for a modest, one-time monthly fee and at a discounted cost.

Right now our HOME OFFICE is located in:

Jl. Akasia no. 115 

Tangerang Selatan, Banten 15442

If you are interested in becoming a consultant, please contact us here.