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Public Interest Law Firms – Fight against environmental discrimination, work to eliminate the unjust burden of environmental hazards caused by low-income communities and communities of color, and strive to create a just and sustainable city. In partnership with community organizations, advocacy groups and residents, our Environmental Justice team launches a litigation campaign and formative policy. We support local leadership and strengthen community capacity to assert their rights to a healthy and sustainable environment.

We are fighting for environmental justice in New York. Whether it is to eliminate toxins from schools, to remove lead paint from homes, or to make sure that cities do not designate specific neighborhoods as landfills, we are innovative and set in our legal and political approach. We for environmental justice.

Public Interest Law Firms

Public Interest Law Firms

Are you worried about the proposed venue, business or development that is polluting your neighborhood? Are conditions in the home, school or workplace dangerous to your health? Are you trying to save a community park or gardens or develop a community-led renewable energy project?

Public Interest Law Fellowships For Lawyers And Law School Students

We provide free legal representation to community organizations and individuals who are striving for a cleaner, healthier and fairer New York City. Call: (212) 244-4664 Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Public Interest Law Firms

Weather: Stop calling Charles ‘Climate King’, send a comment to MTA in support of congested fare.

Submissions submitted to the MTA regarding the Environmental Assessment for the Central Business District Billing Program Statement in Response to Deficit Reduction Communities Reducing the Megan Carr Draft Criteria in Support of the Republic Renewable Energy Law New York. 2022 Felix A. Fishman Award

Public Interest Law Firms

Laguna Beach Public Interest Law Firm Hails Biden’s Action To Close Justice Gap Worsened By Covid

More than three-quarters of all garbage from New York City is diverted to three low-income communities in the South Bronx, North Brooklyn and Southeast Queens.

In this reported class activity, it represents an organization led by IntegrateNYC students and black and Latino students who have been denied access to New York Public High School.

Public Interest Law Firms

Represents Cleanup North Brooklyn, a group of residents, families and business owners in a lawsuit seeking additional residual capital in North Brooklyn.

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Removal of toxic lighting equipment from schools. On behalf of the parents involved, members of the New York Community for Change sued the New York City Department of Education to remove light fixtures contaminated with polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), a dangerous cancer-related chemical that was banned in 1978. As a result of our lawsuit, the DOE removed all infected lighting fixtures from more than 800 schools across the city. We worked on this case with a co-lawyer who supported bono at White & Case Law Firm.

Public Interest Law Firms

Encouraging residual inequality. Mayor Bill DeBlasio has signed the Waste Equity Act into law, a major achievement for residents of North Brooklyn, South Bronx and Southeast Queens, home to landfill stations where the city sends up to three-quarters of its waste. For more than 20 years, the new law will reduce the amount of garbage allowed at landfills in these districts and ensure that no neighborhood brings more than 10% of the city’s garbage process. We have worked for many years to pass this law, along with our coalition partners at the New York Environmental Justice Alliance, the Teamsters 16 Joint Council, and the Natural Resources Protection Council. We have been fighting for more than 40 years to protect civil rights and achieve equality in the lives of communities in need. Combine the power of regulatory law and the private bar to make lasting changes where it is most needed.

We stand for equality and justice for all New Yorkers. In our vibrant and diverse New York City, millions of people face biases and barriers based on race, poverty, disability, and immigration status. Our work activates the power of these communities as they lead the fight for equal justice. Their priorities drive our commitment to civil rights and health, disability, immigration and environmental justice. We solve big problems and put years of effort into solving them. We build individual power, organize joint action and demand responsible institutions. Our mission and values ​​are at the heart of all our work: community and customer power, justice and accountability, integrity and humility, inclusion and convenience, resilience and solidarity.

Public Interest Law Firms

Public Interest Law Firm, A Professional Corporation

Inspired by an era of urban protests, racial injustice, and the rapid expansion of legal rights, the young lawyer joined the leadership of the Bar Association to begin in 1976. Their vision: To leverage the resources of the private bar to turn paper rights into a real opportunity for New Yorkers in need. Four decades later, we are an organization led by a civil rights community. We work towards New York City, which equitably distributes resources and burdens regardless of race, poverty, disability, neighborhood, or immigration status. Pioneered the practice of community advocacy in New York, and we look to these communities to define our work. Led by their priorities, we strive to have equal access to health care, education, government services, housing and a clean environment. These struggles for justice require innovative solutions. We use all available tools to achieve equitable living for all New Yorkers. We are lawyers, organizers, social workers and advocates. We represent individuals who influence influencers and conduct campaigns and policies. We build the capacity of local non-profit organizations to serve our communities and keep responsible institutions accountable. Together we fight systemic bias based on race, poverty, disability and immigration status.

Our dedicated staff of lawyers, community organizers, policy experts and other advocates joined 80 member companies, 900 advocacy firms and thousands of community members. We manage these resources to protect civil rights and improve the lives of millions of New Yorkers. You can read more about our impact here. Clearinghouse Pro Bono connects innovative and effective non-profit organizations with free legal services by volunteer lawyers from New York City’s most prestigious law firms and corporate law departments. You can read about some of our creative partnerships at the bottom of this page.

Public Interest Law Firms

The bill, referenced through the Clearinghouse, provides high-quality legal solutions to organizations that strengthen communities and serve the less-represented New York people. Clearinghouse also produces innovative and effective workshops for nonprofit leaders. Through this work, it has strengthened the infrastructure and increased the capacity of municipal services throughout the city.

The Racial Reckoning Of Public Interest Law

Non-profit organizations seek legal assistance for a variety of needs, including filing and tax exemption status, contract negotiation, lease review, intellectual property guidance, legal research, litigation, and more. We also helped find hundreds of nonprofits that did valuable work.

Public Interest Law Firms

As of August 2022, we are temporarily suspending the adoption of new nonprofits. If you would like to start a nonprofit, include or obtain a tax exemption status, click here to complete the application. Email Marnie Berk at [email protected] to sign up for new offers. If you are an existing non-profit organization with legal requirements, click here. You can also check out our non-profit toolkit where you can find guidance on our resources and find out about our upcoming events to find out more.

The lawyers who support them are true heroes who work to promote equality and civil rights in New York City. Working with empowers talented lawyers to use their skills to create meaningful change in the community.

Public Interest Law Firms

Lawyers For Public Interest Law In Chennai

Tens of thousands of non-profit organizations and communities that provide essential services and assistance to undocumented and low-income people. These groups fill gaps that governments and other social services cannot. Often these groups do not have the means to provide legal advice. By donating your time and skills, you will support the important work of these organizations and help them fulfill their mission.

Doing a good job gives you the opportunity to develop your existing skills or learn new parts of the law. You will work closely with clients and develop your professional network. You will do work that creates community and life.

Public Interest Law Firms

If you are a lawyer at one of these companies, please call us at 212-244-4664 to find out how you can get involved. If your law firm or company is not yet a member, click here to find out more about becoming a member.

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Resources Think about starting a nonprofit? Speaking of financial support? Want to start a social enterprise? Guidance on Immigration Enforcement for Nonprofit Leases During COVID-19

Public Interest Law Firms

Webinar: Legal Considerations for Starting a Non-Profit Dialogue on Justice, Race, Equality and Inclusion: 2021 Law and Society Awards Event

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Public Interest Law Firms

Pat Robertson Quote: “in 1998, I Founded The American Center For Law And Justice, Probably The Premier Public Interest Law Firm In America Def…”

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